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        Brief Introduction


        Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology

        Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology (JSVIAT)as a provincial government public full-time school, is one of State-level Model Higher Vocational Institute. JSVIAT is located at Xuzhou, the central city in the Huaihai economic zone and one of the three metropolitan areas in JiangsuProvince. JSVIAT’s origin can be traced back to 1979 when “The Third Technology Institute of PLA Capital Construction Engineering Corps” was established. It was upgraded to institute level by China’s Ministry of Education in 1999.


        Located at Quanshan District in Xuzhou, the college covers an area of 1118 mu (74.5 hectares) with a gross floor area of 40,316 square meters. JSVIAT has a comprehensive range of fields covering 14 secondary schools, namely,Architectural Construction, Architectural Decoration, Architectural Intelligence, Architectural Management, Transportation Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing, Information and Electronics Engineering, Art and Design, Economic Management, Marxism, International Education, Continuing Education, General Courses and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The school gathers almost 13,000 full-time students, and more than 7,500 registered students of continuing education. Based on the elegant campus environment, superior teaching facilities, and abundant cultural activities, so far, it has been awarded honorary titles of “State-level Model Higher Vocational Institute”, “Top 50 State-level Employment Higher Education Institute”, “State-level Model Vocational College of Employment Competitiveness”, “State-level Advanced Unit of Vocational Education”, “Advanced Institute of Scientific and Technological Work in Jiangsu Province”, and “Garden-Style College in Jiangsu Province.” Noticeably, the college owns the core culture of military, coal and architecture, along with the educational cultural systems of corporation and schoolmate.


        With the active implementing of the strategy of strengthening the college by developing people’s talents, JSVIAT enjoys a gallery of well-qualified staffs. The staff totals more than 750, 57 of whom have professional titles, simultaneously, 259 teachers have obtained associate professional titles, and 35 teachers achieved doctoral degrees. It boasts of one “State-level Outstanding Teaching Team”, four “Provincial-level Outstanding Teaching Team”, one “State-level Model Teacher”, two “Provincial-level Model Teacher” , and a“Middle-aged Expert with Prominent Contribution in JiangsuProvince.”


        Aimed at creating high-level teaching guarantee conditions, the college emphasizes on the integral construction. Equipped with 108 laboratories, 5 broad categories of practicing bases, namely, construction engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, information media, economic management, environmental engineering, and mine mechatronics, cover about 100,000 square meters and own nearly 15000 sets of instruments .


        Fundamentally, JSVIAT concentrates on the task of cultivating students with morality, which aims to the connotation construction of specialized courses, and the development of international celebrated majors, brand majors and special local-needed majors. The college has won 17 teaching achievement prizes and 25 quality courses at state and provincial level, 20 published national planning textbooks for vocational education during the 12th Five-Year Plan, and 25 quality textbooks at or above the provincial level. According to the achievements, it has been honorably awarded as the “State-level Advanced Unit of Vocational Education” and “ Advanced College of Teaching in JiangsuProvince”.


        As the pace of scientific and technological innovation continues to accelerate, the college gives great impetus on its service capabilities and attaches great importance to the integration of industries, schools, research, drills and creation. During the past 5 years, 560 scientific research projects, 1370 patents, including 139 invention patents and 22 construction methods have been successfully approved. Supported by the national higher vocational college teacher training base, the national vocational skill appraisal institute and JiangsuProvince construction industrialization talent training base, more than 37,000 people have been successfully trained in the past 3 years.


        To promote the education process of internationalization and expand the channels for international communication and cooperation, JSVIAT has built cooperation relationship with 30 overseas higher institutions, such as SouthLanarkshireCollege in UK, Institute of Technology Carlow in Ireland, QueenslandUniversity in Australia, University of Management and Economics in Cambodia, Technical College of Vientiane Province in Laos. Equipped with 4 Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Projects, JSVIAT also adopts “3+0” and “2+1” projects with superior overseas universities, which has admitted more than 370 foreign students from 14 countries. On one hand, the college encourages students to study abroad and there are about 184 students who have the experiences of studying abroad; on the other hand, the college encourages teachers to do the teaching jobs or do some cooperative study abroad and there are 368 teachers who have the experiences of overseas training in 20 countries and areas. Besides, JSVIAT has established two branch campuses in Laos and Cambodia, where a “China-Cambodia Culture and LanguageResearchCenter” is located. Chinese teachers are responsibly stationed for a long time to provide language and skill training for foreign teachers and students.


        The college adheres to the principle of “to provide the most suitable education for each student, to make every student get the fullest development”. In recent years, the quality of talents cultivation has increasingly improved. Among all kinds of skill competitions, the students of JSVIAT have achieved remarkable results including 7 state-level first prizes, 7 provincial level first prizes, 15 first prizes in national industry competitions etc. The college insists on employment orientation, so it contributes to building nearly 600 stable training bases, which are technically advanced. Based on the cooperation with 27 well-known large-scale enterprises, the college has set up 50 enterprise-institutions and order-cultivation classes so as to facilitate the emerging of the high-quality technical talents, which are in a short supply.


        As one of the “Top 50 State-level Employment Higher Education Institute” and “Top 50 State-level International Influential Higher Vocational Colleges”, JSVIAT ranks No.29 in the National Competitiveness List of Higher Vocational Institutions issued by ResearchCenter for Chinese Science Evaluation of Wuhan University in 2018. JSVIAT set down an overall development strategy to build the first-class higher vocational college in China in September, 2017. Provided with the fundamental task of fostering students with morality, the college will strive to propel the high-quality development, and keep ascending in the Chinese first-class higher vocational college group in the future.